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NBA Finals, Heat Vs. Thunder: Who Ya Got?

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The highly anticipated NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder is set to tip off on Tuesday night. LeBron James vs. Kevin Durant. Dwyane Wade vs. Russell Westbrook.

So who ya got?

Personally, I'm struggling. I sure wouldn't mind another year of drama on South Beach forcing LeBron and D-Wade to start over in their effort to win multiple titles. On the other side, my Seattle sensibilities are keeping me from backing anything associated with Clay Bennett and Aubrey McClendon regardless of how much I enjoy watching the Thunder and especially Durant. During his rookie season, Durant couldn't have been nicer while signing a couple of small jerseys for my then small boys. We still love him and I know the rest of my family will be rooting for the Thunder.

Me? I'll just root for a great series. How about you?

Here are some great NBA Finals primers from Stay tuned to the Finals StoryStream throughout and also enjoy the video preview from Bomani Jones. On point, as always.

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