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Roy Hibbert Will Guest Star on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tomorrow Night

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Roy Hibbert will be appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! tomorrow night as Big Dawg himself tweeted this to all of his followers earlier today:

Gonna be on @jimmykimmel tomorrow night. Filming some stuff tonight so it can be on the show. I need every1 2 tune in tomorrow. Please

Check out after the jump who will be guest starring alongside Roy.

Rumor has it Jeremy Lin will also be going up against Roy as it is game night on Kimmel's show. Let's hope Roy shows Lin whose boss when it comes to games.

Let's refuel this Pacers-Knicks rivalry one step at a time even if it is only game night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Out of Roy's request on Twitter, let's all tune in our televisions to ABC tomorrow night to watch Hibbert hopefully dominate Lin on game night. Everyone wish Roy Hibbert aka "Big Dawg" good luck tomorrow on Jimmy Kimmel Live!