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Pacers 26th Pick Tournament Round One: Draymond Green vs. Moe Harkless

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It's time for our forth and final matchup in the Pacers 26 pick tournament over on the forwards/big man side of the bracket. This pits two players who could play multiple positions fairly well. It's another experience versus youth matchup here. Check out after the jump the analysis of both prospects.

Who do you want to advance on to the second round?

This matchup I consider my wildcard of the whole tournament. You have probably the odds-on favorite in Harkless going against an underdog in Green. We're looking for a backup forward to bolster are second unit and either one of these guys could do that. Once again we have a battle of versatile guys. That seems to be normal with this deep draft class. These could help soften up the opposing defense with their well-rounded game.

Here's the tale of the tape of Green vs. Harkless:

Draymond Green: He's a proven winner and can do every thing on the basketball court. He can become a leading scorer, rebounder, or just lead the team down the floor with his ball handling skills.

I had the Pacers picking Green in my first mock draft but with this tournament, i'm having you all decide who will be picked in the next mock draft.

Green has great leadership. He was known to lead the team in the locker room at some points to fire his team up. Also, Draymond has a solid inside-out game. He can post you up or hit the three-pointer. Great pick and pop player as well. He could be used like David West in the second unit where DC just sets up plays for Green from 18 feet away. Green is an all-around hustle player you can never go wrong with.

He lacks explosiveness to the rim and isn't that quick. I can't imagine him guarding an elite player with blazing speed. Green is considered a "tweener." Draymond can play both small forward and power forward, but he fits more as a power forward on this team I think. Also, he doesn't have that much leaping ability. Green will have to show his effort masks over all of his flaws.

Here are a few videos of Green's strength (shooting) and weakness (athleticism):

Draymond could be a nice fit here in Indiana. Having learn from Danny or David, whichever position we would put him at could help him. His versatility could benefit our second unit.

Just imagine Green, Hansbrough, and Amundson on the court at the same time. That is what you call an energy and hustle unit. Once Draymond develops even more, he could be a nice piece for the Pacers.

Now we get to the favorite in this matchup, Moe Harkless. If he slips past Boston and Atlanta on June 28, he could slip right into our laps on draft night.

He has the prototypical build for a small forward at 6-8 and is still growing! That sounds like Paul George right there doesn't it?

Harkless loves to attack the basket and can stretch his game out to the three-point line. Moe could be a great defender. He seems to grasp team defense perfectly. Harkless can interrupt passing lanes and make the steal with his long arms.

Moe even had to play center at some points for St. John's. That's what I call versatility and athleticism right there. He reminds me a lot of Paul George, he's full of potential and is still learning the game.

Harkless will need to improve on his strength and ball handling. I think he will need to add at least ten pounds to fill out his frame. Moe's moves are very predictable to defenders, which makes him a target of easy turnovers.

Also, as mentioned earlier, Harkless is still learning the game. He needs more experience and getting that on the fly is a great way to do it.

Here are videos of Harkless's strength (athleticism) and weakness (ball handling):

If Moe Harkless can fall to us, it could be a great scenario for both sides. He has the potential to be a team's leading scorer if the game plan is for him to get a lot of touches. Moe learning from Danny Granger could be great for him as well.

Having an explosive player like Moe running in the second unit and then eventually in the starting lineup will be fun for us and scary for opposing teams. Harkless has that star potential. Pairing Moe and Paul next to each other in the future could be special. It all depends on if he could slip down to 26 though.

After all of the analysis, who do you want to move on to the second round? Will it be Draymond Green or Moe Harkless advancing on to the second round?