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No Wonder Bird Made Move To Replace Morway With Pritchard

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Mike Wells reveals more about how the relationship between Larry Bird and David Morway soured this past season despite the on-court success of the team they put together. One thing that all of this indicates is that Bird must be returning to the team in some form or fashion. But at worst, he's leaving the general infrastructure of the front office in place and in the hands of Kevin Pritchard.

As for Morway's departure, it sounds like things went south for good with the pre-season Mayo trade talks and didn't get better.

Wells summed it up with his final line in a Pacers Insider post.

This situation isn't about Pritchard pursuing Morway's job. It's about Bird wanting to bring in somebody he feels like he'll have a better relationship with.

We also learn that Bird essentially moved on without Morway some time ago.

Things were so bad that during the playoffs Bird took the coaching staff and training staff out to dinner on back-to-back nights during their playoff series against Orlando and brought Pritchard along and didn't invite Morway, his general manager, sources say. It was Pritchard who often sat next to Bird during the games on the road while Morway usually sat several rows higher.

President and GM were not on the same page despite appearances. Now they will be. No more wondering why the front office changes was made.

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