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Draymond Green, Tyshawn Taylor Among Players Set To Begin Pre-Draft Workouts For Pacers

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Mike Wells reports that the Indiana Pacers will begin their pre-draft workouts on Monday with six players expected to show their stuff at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. The Pacers are looking for talent that will be available when they pick at No. 26 in the June 28th NBA Draft.

Apparently, the type of talent they are looking for are speedy point guards and some beefy power forwards because those are the types of players they are bringing in for the first workout.

Here is a list of the players expected at the Fieldhouse include:

  • Tyshawn Taylor PG - Kansas
  • Scott Machado PG - Iona
  • Draymond Green F - Michigan State
  • Andrew Nicholson F - St. Bonaventure
  • Mike Scott F - Virginia
  • Royce White F - Iowa State
White, a talented power forward out of Iowa State, may have the most NBA upside of the bunch and indeed be available when the Pacers pick because of a obsessive-compulsion disorder and fear of flying which could literally keep him off the court considering the travel demands of the NBA. What a shame that would be. Hopefully, White finds a way to overcome his fear of flying so he can fulfill his potential in the pro game.

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