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2012 NBA Playoffs, Magic Vs. Pacers Links: Pacers Lose Trust Despite Game 4 Win

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I was at a jam packed youth baseball complex during the fourth quarter of the Pacers game on Saturday, wondering if my phone was acting up as the Pacers 21-point lead kept dwindling. By the end of the day, the Pacers pulled out a key Game 4 win but the W was treated like a loss. By losing that late lead the Pacers also lose the public trust all because of what amounts to five minutes of failure which allowed the Magic back into the Game 4.

Having watched it a couple of times now, it wasn't pretty, but should that five minutes outweigh the strong effort in Game 2 and dominating performance in Game 3. Apparently not since now the Pacers are summarily dismissed as a threat to challenge the Miami Heat in the next round. Never mind that the Heat failed to close out the Knicks on Sunday.

Honestly, I think the Pacers are better off in the under-the-radar position as they continue to mature as a team and figure out how to handle success and adulation. Getting over the hump and beating the Magic to clinch the series is all that matters now. Then we'll see what they have for the Heat.

On a positive note, I shattered the record this weekend for most unsolicited comments about the Pacers from random people at various activities I attended. Nice to hear the buzz about the team.

Check out the links after the jump, including info on the Pacers Pep Rally today at Castleton.