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David Morway To Interview For GM Job With Portland Trail Blazers

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Indiana Pacers general manager David Morway will reportedly interview with the Portland Trail Blazers for their vacant GM position. Pacers president Larry Bird gave the Blazers permission to talk to Morway whose current contract with the team ends at the end of the season.

All indications point toward Larry Bird leaving the front office after the season so Morway will surely be a candidate to remain as the team's GM as the top decision-maker going forward. As I've mentioned before, the front office infrastructure built up under Morway and Bird is strong and working quite well, so breaking that up after Bird's departure would be a big risk for owner Herb Simon.

Morway has been in his current role with the Pacers since 2008 and a part of the organization since 1999. Former Blazers' GM Kevin Pritchard is also part of the Pacers front office currently serving as the Director of Player Personnel and considered a strong candidate to take over the Pacers' front office.

When you throw in the option that Simon may go outside of the current structure to find a new GM or president, like say, Reggie Miller, then you can expect some interesting offseason intrigue surrounding the Pacers as they decide which direction to take the basketball operations side of the franchise.

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