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IC Cold Links: Pacers Find A Way To Take Home 3-1 Lead Over Magic

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The Indiana Pacers lock-down defense vapor locked against the Orlando Magic on Sunday. Their effort to stop the pick and roll which had been a strong point earlier in the series vanished.

Fortunately, the Pacers learned some more tough playoff lessons without absorbing a loss and now have a 3-1 lead to take to Bankers Life Fieldhouse on Tuesday night in an effort to close out the series. This group of Pacers hasn't won a playoff series so just because they have the big lead at this point doesn't mean getting over that hump will be easy.

Also, the Magic deserve some admiration for the way they are always ready to pounce on any slippage from the Pacers. They just keep grinding and seize the opportunity when the Pacers give them an opening. Pretty impressive considering the circumstances they are playing under and the ease with which they could've folded at various points in the four games so far.

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