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Fesenko On TMZ Video: 'Nothing Equals Nothing'

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Indianapolis Star columnist Bob Kravitz closed the book on the late-night TMZ video of the Indiana Pacers walking the streets of Orldano by getting comments from those on the scene.

Dahntay Jones, Danny Granger and Kyrylo Fesenko all commented on the situation that was hardly a situation, essentially saying they were in control throughout the baiting and just walked home, which we could all barely see through the dimly lit video. DJ even said that the guys stirring up trouble ended up apologizing to the players later.

For his part, Fesenko adds to his growing legend with a quote that addresses why he was a target. He then lays out the math of the situation, to make sure everyone knows that nothing of note happened.

"I'm a really big target, I guess," Fesenko said. "People just want to test me to see how tough I am. But I'm a grown man with a family to take care of. I did the mature thing and walked away. We all did. It was a whole lot of nothing. Nothing equals nothing."

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