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SB Nation Bloggers Pick 2012 NBA Awards


SB Nation's Tom Ziller organized the team bloggers to vote on the NBA's post-season awards and on Friday he revealed the final results.

Larry Bird narrowly beat out R.C. Buford for the Executive of the Year award, so I'd like to think I cast the deciding vote on that one.

Frank Vogel finished fourth in Coach of the Year voting and I certainly did him no favors by voting for Tom Thibodeau, but I thought Thibs deserved the nod with Frank a close second. For the record, Gregg Popovich won the COY award.

As for the other awards, you can read why there is no Most Improved Player, LeBron James easily won the MVP award, although I did not voter for him, instead going with Kevin Durant. There wasn't as much bias has it appears, because I voted for 'Bron as defensive player of the year. So my bias showed up in that I didn't want to give him a sweep.

Tyson Chandler won the DPOY award which makes sense. I went with LeBron because I can't shake the memory of his effort in the Heat's visit to Bankers Life Fieldhouse when he was playing with the second unit and making it appear that the Heat had six players on the defensive end. Just vicious.

I voted chalk for Rookie of the Year (Kyrie Irving) and Sixth Man of the Year (James Harden) even though Harden was horrible when we saw him at BLF. His overall numbers and impact on the season told the story.

So who do you think deserved to win each award?

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