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2012 NBA Playoffs, Pacers Vs. Magic Links: Indiana Back To Work For Game 4

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The Indiana Pacers are back in the gym on Friday in preparation for their Game 4 matchup with the Orlando Magic. Needless to say they kept busy on their off day with a few of the player taking in Disney World.

The Pacers have drawn a lot of publicity in the past 24 hours thanks to the ridiculous TMZ story and four players making the trip to Disney World. Giving the body and mind a rest from the grind of the playoffs is a good thing, but they better back it up with a strong effort on Saturday afternoon.

Fair or not, a flat effort against a Magic team they have a distinct advantage over at this point will make it easy to point toward the off day to fuel perceptions that the team lacked the maturity to handle success and stay focused. I was looking forward to seeing how the team would come out and play on Saturday regardless of how they spent their off day since maintaining a high-level of play in the role of a favorite has not always gone well. So at least for me, they won't get off easy blaming a Saturday loss on any off-day activities.

Now is the time to show they have their high-level game together whenever they hit the court regardless of what else is going on outside the locker room.

Check out the links after the jump including a video of the little excursion to Disney World.