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IC Cold Links: Heat, Hornets Big Wednesday Winners In NBA

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Wednesday was a busy day in the NBA with the draft lottery setting up the New Orleans Hornets with the top pick in the upcoming draft while also creating a conspiracy storyline since the NBA continues calling the shots for the franchise.

Also, the Miami Heat continued following their formula for success with a 35-point third quarter that nullified a strong first half from the Boston Celtics. LeBron James missed the game-winner in regulation but Dwyane Wade was there to finish off the win in OT and leave the C's down 2-0 despite 44 points and 10 assists from Rajon Rondo. Although, did you see his game winning and 1 in the lane? Impressive double carry on the dribble to get himself in the lane.

Plenty of links after the jump, including more reaction to Larry Bird's press conference.