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Pacers Make Some TMZ News In Orlando

The Indiana Pacers had the day off on Thursday so following their win, several players went out in Orlando to celebrate the win and also enjoy a birthday celebration for Paul George. As things were winding down, the Pacers found some trouble on the streets outside Club 23 at 2:45 a.m. but were able to walk away from the trouble without any real incident.

But since it was caught on a camera phone, TMZ did what they do to make a story of the incident. Never good news when you see an email from TMZ in the ol' inbox. As the video show, Kyrylo Fesenko continued walking away from group trying to instigate him. Danny Granger eventually showed up ready to defend his teammate but cooler heads prevailed and nothing happened. TMZ news is not always real news.

As a Pacers spokesman said, "Our players were provoked into a verbal confrontation and ended up walking away from the confrontation. To make something more out of this than what it was is ludicrous."

Isn't it nice to have a group of players with the "cooler heads" needed to just move on from the situation instead of making it blow up into an actual news story?

Check out the video after the jump (some NSFW language) which is worth it for the entertaining commentary toward the end talking about how Tyler Hansbrough is probably home sleeping.