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Indiana Pacers Going Hard In The Magic Kingdom

via <a href="" target="new">Pacers Instagram</a>
via Pacers Instagram

The Indiana Pacers have two days off in Orlando and coach Frank Vogel gave the players the day off from practice to help rest the body and mind before digging back in to prepare for Game 4 against the Orlando Magic on Saturday.

Paul George turned 22 last night and George Hill turns 26 on Friday so the G2 crew had to take advantage of Orlando area attractions and just like their play against the Magic in Game 3, the Pacers werern't messing around when they hit Disney World.

Thanks the the Pacers Instagram page we have this spectacular picture George and Hill, looking tough in their Mickey Mouse ears along with teammates Kyrylo Fesenko and Dahntay Jones. And they weren't just anywhere in the Magic Kingdom, but among the wide-eyed youngsters in Fanstasyland by the Flying Dumbo ride. The Mad Hatter's Tea Cup ride isn't far away. I wonder who was able to spin whom into a near-hurl situation on the tea cups.

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