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Pacers Work Hard To Keep Players Healthy

via @AustinCroshere
via @AustinCroshere

The Pacers have gone through the season with the big picture in mind as far as taking care of the players' health (feel free to knock on wood). A ten-man rotation helped minimize the major minutes for the starters. Less practice time and more film study helped keep the legs fresh between games. David West used much of the regular season to get his repaired knee and game back in shape before turning it loose and becoming a beast in April.

While there were minor injuries along the way, the team was able to maintain its health and depth (again, knock on wood) heading into the playoffs. The only big injury issue was losing Jeff Foster to a back condition that was in no way the result of the condensed NBA schedule, but instead the result of a condensed frame hammering bigger bodies in the post for 13 years.

So after the New York Knicks were sent scrambling to take care of Amare Stoudemire after he punch the glass of a ifre extinguisher case, the Pacers training staff added another wrinkle to their plan to keep players out of the training room. Thanks to Austin Croshere for tweeting a picture of the new medical protocol before last night's game.

Hey, you can never be to blatantly obvious when it comes to player safety.

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