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Haslem Admits Intent To Hit Hansbrough


In the latest "well, duh" news around the NBA, Dan Le Batard writes about Miami Heat forward Udonis Haslem intending to hit Indiana Pacers forward Tyler Hansbrough in the head, which earned him a suspension in Game 6. In other words, Haslem simply confirmed what everyone saw.

Now the truth can be told, thanks to the freedom and relief that comes with winning. Hell, yes, Udonis Haslem meant to foul Tyler Hansbrough like that. Would do it again, too, if given the chance. He revealed as much after practice Saturday, stitches still on his face, right eye still dark red with blood. And damn if that wounded eye didn't sting a little bit on this big, tough man from Miami's meanest streets as he tried to articulate exactly what Dwyane Wade means to him. Ol' Udonis isn't going weak, not by a long shot, but age tends to bring perspective and appreciation, and those things can soften even a man as hard as Haslem.

"I can't imagine anything I wouldn't do for Dwyane," he says.

For all of the complaining Wade and the Heat did about the Pacers talking, they sure do a lot of talking. I'm still trying to figure out the part about the rabbit and the gun. In case they didn't notice, Wade and LeBron James did in the Pacers not anything Haslem or Dexter Pittman did on the court.

Now the Heat can't feign innocence if a similar situation breaks out in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Boston Celtics or in the Finals should they advance. The Heat are now on record saying they will gladly deliver a hit on anyone going after Wade or James, so the league office can't give them the benefit of the doubt next time. That's probably good info for the Celtics to utilize as they prepare for Game 1 tonight in Miami.

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