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IC Cold Links: Indianaoplis 500 Mention Always A Sign Of Success For Pacers

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The 96th running of the Indianapolis 500 will go off today on a sweltering Sunday with all of the classic pomp and circumstance that makes the start of the race something any sports fan must experience. In the mid-90's, when the Indiana Pacers were still in the midst of their deep playoff runs on race day, the pre-race ceremonies always included a mention in the invocation. Along with the prayers for a safe race, Archbishop-Emeritus Buechlein would always include, "...and God bless our Pacers."

The Pacers came three days short of extending their playoff run to be part of the pre-race ceremony. Yes, it has only been three days since the deciding Game 6 loss to the Miami Heat. Just feels like a month.

After the jump, check out some links of interest. Enjoy the race!