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Free Agent George Hill Expresses Interest In Staying With Indiana Pacers


Following the deflating end of the season for the Indiana Pacers on Thursday night, the players began decompressing, dealing with defeat and the realization that the frenetic season that had so many high points was suddenly over. There would be no practice the next day.

For some, their time with the Pacers may be done. The business of basketball season was about to tip off. Two key restricted free agents for the Pacers are Roy Hibbert and George Hill. Both starters were asked the obligatory questions about their future. Not surprisingly, Hibbert shook off the question giving the impression he hadn't thought about it and didn't want to discuss it.

George Hill on the other hand, after talking about his teammates getting better in the offseason, seemed to indicate he wanted to return to the Pacers and pick up where they left off.

"Who knows, I'm going to take it one day at a time and see what's in store for me," Hill said when asked about his free agent status. "Hopefully, I'm back here. This is home and this is where I would like to be, but as a player you have to see about your options. I'll weigh my options and see what God has in store for me. Who knows where I'll be but I love Indiana, it's home."

Plenty of wiggle room in that comment, GHill is savvy with his words, but I found it interesting that he didn't completely blow off the question. Prior to the season Hill and the Pacers were reportedly about $1 million apart on a contract extension. I imagine that may remain the case when their talks resume although the starting point for both side is likely higher now after G3 worked himself into the starting lineup.

Regardless, the offseason is off and running with plenty of intrigue surrounding the Pacers.

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