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Pacers Vs. Heat, Game 6 Links: Indiana Trying To Find A Way Back To Miami

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The Indiana Pacers are down to their last out in Game 6 tonight at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, as they try to find a way to slow down the Miami Heat and earn another trip to South Beach for Game 7.

Miami has had a firm grasp on this series since late in the second quarter of Game 4, finding a way to muck up the Pacers offense to the point where they simply weren't able to execute in Game 5. Making matters worse for the Pacers is the ankle injury for leading scorer, Danny Granger. It sounds like Granger will be on the court tonight but won't be able to go full throttle.

That's a problem, since all of the Pacers have to go full throttle tonight (and making an open shot or two wouldn't hurt either). No doubt the short-handed Heat will try to impose their will early, but there aren't any secrets between these teams any more. If the Pacers can win the rebounding battle and minimize Miami's transition damage, then they will be in position to win. Do that and add a heavy dose of post presence from Roy Hibbert and David West and the Pacers will indeed be headed back to South Beach for Game 7.

Time to get loud.

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