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Pacers Vs. Heat: NBA Suspends Udonis Haslem, Dexter Pittman, Increases Foul For Tyler Hansbrough


The NBA suspended Miami Heat forward Udonis Haslem for Game 6 and Dexter Pittman for three games for their flagrant fouls in Tuesday's Game 5.

Indiana Pacers forward Tyler Hansbrough had his Flagrant 1 foul increased to a Flagrant 2 but was not suspended. In other words, the NBA handled the situation like most neutral observers thought they should. This fact may be the most shocking thing to happen in this series. Radio voice of the Pacers nailed it with his tweet on the league's decision.

I guess, I was hoping for this reasonable decision but was expecting the worst. As it turns out, the irrelevant Pittman got off with a pretty light sentence and I'm sure he winked at his teammates when he heard the news. But really, whether Haslem and/or Hansbrough playing or not playing in Game 6 is not going to be the deciding factor.

Plus, things won't be any less chippy with Haslem on the sidelines considering the suspension will likely moveJuwan Howard into the playing rotation for the Heat. Howard, of course, has been trying to involve himself in this series by taking on the Pacers' 12th man on the bench. Now he can actually try to make an impact.

By the way, radio voice of the Pacers, Mark Boyle nailed it with his tweet on the league's decision.

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