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Pacers Vs. Heat, Game 5 Links: Indiana Looks To Execute Better To Win At Miami

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The Indiana Pacers don't lack for confidence as they head to Miami for Game 5 with the Miami Heat. Despite letting Game 4 slip away in a tornadic flurry play by Dwyane Wade and LeBron James, the Pacers are looking at what they can do better to execute the game plan that has put them in position to win all four games.

As David West mentioned yesterday, the Pacers don't have much margin for error against the Heat and they need to keep making Miami work to beat them.

"We've got to be more precise," Pacers forward David West said. "We allowed too much freedom. I don't think they felt us enough when it came to their comfort level."

Also, the Pacers are doing it right with the viewing parties for Game 5 tonight by taking the whole area into account with five different viewing parties all over town. Here's the list:

  • Downtown - Just a few blocks from Bankers Life Fieldhouse at the Colts Grille, 110 West Washington St. Map
  • Broad Ripple - Brothers Bar & Grill, 910 Broad Ripple Avenue Map
  • South side - That Place, 8810 South Emerson Ave. Map
  • Northwest side - Traders Mill, 5650 West 86th St. Map
  • North side - Scotty's Brewhouse, which will host Boomer, is at 3905 East 96th St. Map
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