Game 3's 10 Moments of Awesome

1. Hungry Hungry Hibbert actually produced on the offensive in, contributing 18 and 10 on 10 shots to go along with three blocks. He was especially useful in the third quarter when the Magic tried to guard him with Ryan Anderson.

2. Granger's 3 point shot woke back up as he contributed 26 on 18 shots, including 5 three pointers. He also managed to grab 9 rebounds. His 5 turnovers were a bit troublesome but most of them came with him trying to be aggressive on offense.

3. Hill was Mr. Reliable again, scoring 15 pts on only 9 shots and holding Nelson to 3/10 shooting.

4. David West wasn't a big contributor tonight... except for the fact the entire Magic defense wanted to stop him, which allowed some easy shots all over the court for the Pacer's due to the double teams. His presence the last two games opened up the floor for everyone else. He also completely shut down Ryan Anderson again, continuing to make him a complete non factor this series.

5. Glen "Baby" Davis. Seems odd to put him here, but he had a team worse -20 and honestly... if Davis is taking 18 shots a game, most of them long 2's, the Pacer's defense is doing their job.

6. Frank Vogel the Motivator. Seriously, what does he tell his players at halftime?

7. DC hit some big shots in the 2nd quarter to keep us from completely blowing our large lead in the first half. DC needs to continue to be aggressive in the second unit.

8. Free Throw shooting. The starters were 15/17 from the line tonight.

9. Shortened Rotation. Once again, Vogel kept the rotation on a short leash, with only 8 players getting significant minutes.

10. The Game Thread. It was awesome once again tonight.