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Pacers' Fan Proposes 'Dramatic' Uniform Change

Roy Hibbert tweeted a link to the following video which unveils a "new look campaign" for the Pacers to update their logo and uniforms going forward.

I must say, I love the look of the typeset and uniforms proposed in the video. The blue throwbacks this year have been fantastic and this proposal taps into that nice look.

Now, if you are wondering why a video showing new lettering and uniforms is over four minutes long, well, the designer Ben Phillippe is an artist and aspiring actor so he added some dramatic narration to the reveal which may cause you to slowly step away from the screen. My man channeled his inner James Earl Jones to take this thing over the top. Holy smokes! I'd love to hear this guy pull up to a McDonald's and place an order at the drive thru.

So what do you think of the uniform options? Any tweaks?

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