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Dwyane Wade Injury Update: Heat Star Visits Tom Crean At IU

Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade went in search of a coach he didn't want to yell at on his off day Friday which led him to his old college coach Tom Crean down in Bloomington. The IU coach and Heat star teamed up at Marquette to make a run to the Final Four, although if you gave them both truth serum they quickly admit Travis Diener was the real reason for that team's success.

According to Vigilante Sports, Wade shook of his 2 for 13 night and lingering leg injuries to make the hour drive to B-Town. From the picture in this tweet, it appears Wade is not overly concerned with resting his leg, although the pair did tool around campus on a golf cart. Regardless, I expect we should see a much better effort in Game 4 on Sunday afternoon.

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