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Pacers Vs. Heat Links: Indiana, Miami Rest Up For Game 4

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The Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers took advantage of their two full days off between emotional playoff games, electing to rest and recharge on Friday instead of hitting the court for practice.

Meanwhile, as you'll see in the links, much of the media world is wondering what is wrong with Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat in general. The funny thing is that few are glancing in the corner at a plausible reason for all of the drama surrounding the Heat -- the Indiana Pacers.

It seems like the Pacers have embraced their role of catching breaks and winning games. The team seems to take comfort in knowing they are better prepared and playing better than their opponent even if others want to line up excuses for the playoff run.

At this point, no sense disrupting a good thing. Hopefully, D-Wade's leg injury can recover for Game 4 so he can show that burst of athleticism again. You know, like he did all the way back in Game 2 when he chased down Darren Collison and shoved him to the ground. That was impressive.

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