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Pacers Vs. Heat, Game 3 Links: Indiana In Control Among Chaos Against Heat

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The Indiana Pacers played on edge and on point for most of Game 3 which helped them knock out the Miami Heat in the second half putting the fired-up Fieldhouse faithful in a full frenzy. Save for a rash of turnovers and bad shots late in the first quarter, the Pacers outworked, outwitted and outplayed the Heat.

Under the pressure applied by the Pacers, Miami just went away in the second half without much of a tussle. For some reason, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade were good with shooting jumpers, as opposed to forcing the action and getting the ball in the lane to draw some fouls. James made one of only three free throws on the night. Three.

One of those free throws by James came after a technical on Danny Granger for overreacting after LeBron took exception to a breakaway foul. James missed the tech free throw and then had the defining play of the night for the Heat.

Things were going the Pacers' way up until that point as they had pushed the lead to double digits. You had to figure Granger had just lit a fire under LeBron and he was going to go nuts. It looked that way too, when he took the ball for the next possession with Granger guarding him out top. James gave a couple of signature bunny hops with the dribble which usually indicates a release of greatness is in the offing. Surely he would try to take the ball and Granger to the hoop and at worst draw another foul while delivering a blow to Danny.

Nope. LeBron settled for a three, which he clanked, and the Heat went away with barely a whimper.

Check out the links after the jump, including video from the locker room. David West's reaction to a question about winning the series is priceless.