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Pacers Vs. Heat: NBA Won't Upgrade Dwyane Wade's Flagrant Foul

Somewhere Metta World Peace is perplexed.

As expected, the NBA plugged their nose and decided to let Dwyane Wade play in Game 3 instead of upgrading his flagrant foul against Darren Collison to a Flagrant 2. Makes sense, of course, that a forearm shove in the back of a player running full speed wasn't worthy of a Flagrant 2. Just a little, "oopsy" push among friends, right?

Yeah, right.

Kind of comical how the NBA can just slip out a ruling and not have to answer for it when anyone with no bias (not me) can see that your average NBA player would be punished to the full extent of the law for a similar play. So Wade will get to play on Thursday, which in the grand scheme of things is good since the Heat don't need anymore excuses. They're having trouble keeping track of them already.

Here's the play from a couple of angles, via @jojo30. Love how Danny Granger's pass ended up bouncing off of Wade's head. Maybe the NBA figured that was like time served.

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