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Pacers Vs. Heat, Game 2: Indiana Brings Home Win, Sets Up Big Game 3

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MainGate cranking out "Gold Swagger" shirts.
MainGate cranking out "Gold Swagger" shirts.

Now we're having some fun.

Prior to Game 2, Indiana Pacers guard George Hill mentioned to Fox 59 that his team needed to get back to having fun and enjoy the game with one another as they have all season. In the second half of their win over the Miami Heat last night, the Pacers had all kinds of fun.

Dwyane Wade thought they were celebrating after the game, but no, the Pacers were just having fun. I've seen bigger "celebrations" from this crew heading into a timeout after a third quarter run in the regular season. They enjoy playing the game and playing together and when they play well it shows.

It is still hard to believe that the Pacers survived some horrific stretches of play in the first half and still won this game. Extending the series before heading home was huge. Now the Heat know they are in for the long haul and have to rely on LeBron James and Dwyane Wade holding up through a physical series in which they will have to play a ton of minutes.

So now is the time to stay on the grind for the Pacers and get a boost from the home crowd. Earlier this morning, local company MainGate was pumping out 20,000 "Gold Swagger" t-shirts for the crowd on Thursday night. With this series fully in play now, the Fieldhouse should be rockin' like never before.

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