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Pacers Vs. Heat, Game 2 Links: Indiana Trying To Find A Way To Bring Home Win From Miami

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The Indiana Pacers are looking to get more open shots in Game 2 against the Miami Heat while also keeping the Heat from getting to the rim so often.

Easier said than done but it must be done for the Pacers to haul home a W tonight. As Frank Vogel mentioned yesterday, there is no starting over from scratch, the team just has to do what they are capable of doing and do it well.

Pacers coach Frank Vogel said after Game 1 that he needed to get more creative with Granger. Asked what he came up with, Vogel said, joking, "I have about 20-25 new plays we're going to put in today. We think he can get free maybe on half of those."

Seriously, Vogel said, "You're limited, obviously, with what you can do. We got a couple of different looks. The plan was not for him to get 10 shots going in. We, in some ways, didn't execute."

Minimizing Miami's finishes at the rim is key and the absence of Chris Bosh should help. In Game 1 the Heat had 27 shots at the rim which was six more than the Pacers but they scored ten more points. Without Bosh, Roy Hibbert and David West need to lead the Pacers to at least evening up that aspect of the game.

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