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Pacers vs. Heat: Chris Bosh Out Indefinitely with Abdominal Strain


The early reports coming out following the game and into this morning regarding the abdominal strain Chris Bosh suffered just before halftime in Game 1 between the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat was that he may be sidelined for the remainder of this particular series. Unfortunately for the Heat, the MRI didn't prove to be much rosier as Bosh will be out indefinitely. It's hard to place a time table on something like "indefinitely," but certainly, the biggest concern for Miami, depending on who you ask, isn't so much the time he'll miss immediately, but that his return could be stumped by lingering effects of the strain.

Clearly, this affects the Pacers immediately as much as it does the Heat, because now the series changes for both teams. For Miami, they will certainly have an opportunity to win as they did yesterday by riding LeBron James and Dwyane Wade for long stretches, but for the Pacers, how does that change how they approach their game plan? Do they aim to play two on five for 48 minutes again and again? Chris Bosh leaving in the first half opened the game up for James and Wade in a way it probably wouldn't have with Bosh still in the lineup.

Can Indiana can force everything through James and Wade while focusing in on shutting down any quality play from their role players and still make it a series? Would that even be a smart thing to do? On the other end, can the Pacers exploit their growing size advantage inside and funnel the offense through Roy Hibbert and David West more consistently? Most national guys will be looking forward to how the Bosh injury will affect them against Boston and San Antonio or Oklahoma City, but the Pacers have every claim and capability to use the injury to their own advantage.

Certainly, there's nothing good about seeing a player injured, but what's done is done, and it's time to look forward at how the Pacers can benefit from this and snag another asterisk win on their 2012 postseason resume. So what do you think? How will the Bosh injury affect Miami? How does Indiana use this to their advantage? Feel free to share your thoughts.