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2012 NBA Playoffs Odds: Indiana Pacers Heavy Underdogs to Miami Heat

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The Indiana Pacers worked their way through the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals, rewarded by winning against Orlando with a semifinals matchup against the Eastern Conference favorites Miami Heat. The Pacers topping a Magic team short their star center didn't change much perception for the blue and gold, who after having 1/9 odds against Orlando, enter their series with Miami 6/1 underdogs.

The folks at Bovada set the odds with Miami having 1/8 odds of winning the series, but such is the joy of playoff basketball and the chance to turn underdogs into winners. As it currently stands, Indiana is given the third best odds at winning the Eastern Conference at 14/1 odds, just ahead of Philadelphia's 15/1 side, but to be fair, even Boston's 9/2 chances aren't much better than Indiana's to win this particular series. It would make Indiana possibly taking the underdog role against an opportunistic "heart of a champion" Celtics team who struggled to close out Atlanta (hey, if matchup issues don't count for Pacers/Magic, why should it for Boston?) more fun, wouldn't it?

Take a look at the series odds and prop bets for the semifinals matchup:

Odds to win 2012 NBA Championship

Miami Heat 6/5

San Antonio Spurs 3/1

Oklahoma City Thunder 7/2

Boston Celtics 10/1

Los Angeles Lakers 10/1

Indiana Pacers 30/1

Los Angeles Clippers 30/1

Memphis Grizzlies 35/1

Philadelphia 76ers 35/1

Denver Nuggets 75/1

Odds to win 2012 NBA Eastern Conference Championship

Miami Heat 1/4

Boston Celtics 9/2

Indiana Pacers 14/1

Philadelphia 76ers 15/1

Series Price

Indiana Pacers 6/1 (+600)

Miami Heat 1/6 (-800)

Exact Series Result

Miami Heat 4-0 3/1

Miami Heat 4-1 7/4

Miami Heat 4-2 15/4

Miami Heat 4-3 13/4

Indiana Pacers 4-0 100/1

Indiana Pacers 4-1 50/1

Indiana Pacers 4-2 14/1

Indiana Pacers 4-3 18/1

Total Games in Series

4 13/4

5 7/5

6 11/4

7 13/4

Where will the Series be Decided?

American Airlines Arena, Miami 20/29 (-145)

Conseco Fieldhouse, Indiana 23/20 (+115)

Player Props

Average 2nd Round Points Per Game

LeBron James 27.5
Dwyane Wade 22.5
Chris Bosh 16.5
Danny Granger 19
Roy Hibbert 12.5
David West 14
Paul George 11.5

Average 2nd Round Rebounds Per Game

LeBron James 7.5
Chris Bosh 7.5
Roy Hibbert 8.5

Average 2nd Round Assists Per Game

LeBron James 6

The Pacers aren't tied to their playoff odds, but it's clear there will be work to be done if the Pacers hope to shock the world and fully return to playoff prominence. The series begins tomorrow afternoon at 3:30 p.m. on ABC.