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NBA Playoffs, Pacers Vs. Heat: LeBron James Not Conerned With Pacers


After the Miami Heat disposed of the New York Knicks, star forward LeBron James tried to say all of the right things about his team's next matchup against the Indiana Pacers. Bron mentioned the Pacers have a tough inside-out game with Roy Hibbert and David West.

But later LBJ sounded more confident as reported by South Florida Sun-Sentinel writer Ira Winderman, apparently responding to an inquiry about the Pacers giving the Heat problems during their four regular season games. The Heat were 3-1 in those games, but Indiana essentially gave them the third game in both regulation and overtime.

"I don't think they've given us too many problems, personally," he said of the Pacers. "I think we gave them more problems than they gave us."

LeBron is on point considering the first two games were blowouts in which the Heat could've named the score. But all of the previous meetings this season were before David West raised his level of play in April, George Hill assumed a bigger role in the starting lineup and Leandro Barbosa's arrival added a veteran scorer to the second unit.

Neither team will resemble what the other faced earlier in the season, but if LeBron wants to rest easy with those memories, I'm sure the Pacers will be happy to let him do so.

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