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Bargnani Injury Update: Andrea Bargnani Out Against Pacers With Calf Injury

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Toronto Raptors big man Andrea Bargnani tweaked a sensitive calf injury on Sunday night in Oklahoma City which will hold him out against the Indiana Pacers on Monday night. A similar injury kept Barganini sidelined for 26 games so far this season, so the remained of the year appears in jeopardy.

As for the game tonight, Pacers coach Frank Vogel will alter his game plan which would normally require a defensive adjustment to account for Bargnani.

"DeMar DeRozan is going to get a lot more touches and be much more involved and put more pressure on our wing defenders," said Vogel. "But also in the pick and roll attack, Jose Calderon will get lot more pick and rolls."

So the absence of the big fella limits Toronto's options and with a more traditional power forward in Amir Johnson filling in, leaves the Pacers in a more comfortable position defensively.

"What Bargnani brings to the table in terms of being a spread four, that changes our coverages a lot," Vogel explained. "So with him out of the lineup and them playing big-big most of the time, that will adjust to our scheme some but we could always see Linas Kliza at the four spot as well, so we've just got to be ready for both option B and option C."

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