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IC Cold Links: After Loss To Celtics, Pacers Look Forward To Day Off

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Rest, ice and rest some more.

That's what Danny Granger was looking forward to on his day off which at this point in the season sounds like the ideal day for the Pacers after their busy schedule of late caught up with them last night against the Boston Celtics. The C's were more than ready to make the Pacers feel those tired legs and work for everything they could get. The Pacers responded with no bounce in their legs, just plenty of shots bouncing off the front iron.

Now the Pacers have Easter Sunday off with no travel, just some coveted time to rest and recharge for the final ten games of the season. They will need to ramp things back up in a hurry though since their standing in the Eastern Conference is now day-to-day with all three teams directly behind them in the standings, Atlanta, Orlando and Boston, all logging wins on Saturday night.

Check out the links along with my thoughts following the loss last night after the jump.