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Pacers Looking To Run And Take The Fight To Thunder

The Indiana Pacers are ready to measure themselves against the Oklahoma City Thunder and despite going against the top team in the West that thrives while leading the league in pace, the Frank Vogel doesn't want to alter the identity of his team.

"We don't want to ever slow it down," Vogel said prior to the game. "We always want to explore early opportunities in the shot clock."

Along with keeping up the Pacers, Vogel wants to make sure his smash-mouth style of ball is primed and ready for the Thunder as they try to dictate the way the game is played.

"We always want to try to impose our style on the game and we want to hit first," said Vogel. "We saw the physicality that they played with in Miami so we don't want to come out and have them deliver some hard fouls on us and all of a sudden we're back on heels. We want to hit first. We want to be the instigators. That's how you win in the playoffs and that's how you win in a matchup like tonight."

We know the Pacers are comfortable getting under the skin of an opponent so this game could get real interesting with both teams trying to establish and impose their will on the other.

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