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IC Cold Links: Granger's Play For Pacers A Tribute To Reggie Miller

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The Indiana Pacers big comeback win over the New York Knicks on Tuesday night saw the Pacers tap into the recent past for the successful finish which included a 40-point fourth quarter.

Frank Vogel relied on his mentor Jim O'Brien's playbook as the Pacers went small with Danny Granger playing "power forward" to change things up on the Knicks and more specifically, Carmelo Anthony who was torching the Pacers.

Obviously, it worked and Vogel joked after the game about sticking with small ball for the rest of the season, but he did credit a couple of crunch time after time out plays to JOB which resulted in four points after the Knicks were forced to foul on both plays.

Vogel also made a point to remind everyone that the Pacers lost a lot of games in the past couple of years in similar fashion to the way the Knicks did last night. Using small ball to run out to a big lead but then not being able to handle the other team when they adjusted and went small. Very true, and as last night showed, the Pacers have the depth and options this year to go small and be quick and potent when needed.

Danny Granger also tapped into the past with his Reggie Miller-like outburst in the fourth quarter to change the whole tone of the game and have not only his 12 teammates, but also 17,000 in the stands believing the Pacers were going to win.

"It was ironic he was elected to the Hall of Fame. From one shooter to another, my tribute to Reggie Miller," Granger said following the game.

Check out the links after the jump, along with my video reaction that included Granger's comments on the game.