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2012 NBA Playoffs, Magic Vs. Pacers: NBA Commissioner David Stern Attending Game 2


The Indiana Pacers and Orlando Magic will play Game 2 at Bankers Life Fieldhouse tonight under the watchful eye of NBA commissioner David Stern, according to several media reports this morning.

A rare appearance from the Commish at the house he helped empty out? That might not portend well for Rajon Rondo since Stern may be seeking refuge in Indy after his office drops their discipline on the Boston Celtics star.

Seems to me this is just another great reason to come to the Fieldhouse tonight. If a playoff game isn't enough for you, having Stern in the house will offer the opportunity to express your delight at his appearance in whatever form that may take. If Lou Amundson is on the floor and they show the Commish on the big screen we might be able to flip a familiar refrain and say, "They're not saying Looouuu!"

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