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2012 NBA Playoffs, Magic Vs. Pacers: How Did Jason Richardson Get Loose In Game 1?

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Orlando Magic guard Jason Richardson has one pretty jump shot and when he has his stroke going the ball seems go straight through the middle of the hoop, barely even bothering the net. Just a quick and lethal, snap. Gotcha!

Needless to say, J-Rich had it going against the Indiana Pacers on Saturday night in Game 1, knocking down five key threes, including two in the final three minutes that fueled Orlando's 11-0 finishing flourish to win the game.

After the game, Paul George slowly shook his head in frustration. PG missed a couple of key threes, himself but also felt he had Richardson pretty well defended on the late makes. PG wasn't far off, but the Magic did a good job giving Richardson just enough room to snap off his threes.

Jordan Kahn over at Hickory High looks at the video and shows how the Magic were able to free Richardson when he had it going. As Kahn concludes, the Pacers were ready for what the Magic were doing but Orlando adjusted well on the fly.

The Pacers did a nice job anticipating Orlando's go-to plays, but Jason Richardson and the Magic were even better in utilizing their secondary options.

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