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IC Cold Links: Pacers Plan To Bounce Back Against Magic In Game 2

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The Indiana Pacers were no doubt happy to get back to work on Sunday preparing to take on the Orlando Magic in Game 2 of their first round playoff series. The Pacers failed to close out the Magic in the final minutes of Game 1 but they actually struggled to gain any traction against Orlando throughout the game. After an early, double-digit lead evaporated things were a struggle. David West made that point yesterday, according to the Pacers.

"We can't say that we let this one slip away because we never had it. In my opinion, this next game is a must win."

I'm assuming West's teammates share his sense of urgency because the Pacers can't even consider going down to Orlando in an 0-2 hole. As it has been all year, execution is the key for the Pacers regardless of the opponent. If they do their stuff and do it well, they will win.

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