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IC Cold Links: Knicks In Town To Take On Pacers

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It's early April, the sun is out and the New York Knicks are in town and we're talking Reggie Miller.

While the topics translate to a fun day in the mid-'90's, we are instead set for an exciting night in 2012 as the Indiana Pacers host the Knicks tonight, looking to avenge the big losses New York hung on them a couple of weeks ago. The Knicks were a model of team unity and toughness in those games, spreading the wealth offensively and working hard on the defensive end.

This time around, the Knicks will be without Jeremy Lin and Amare Stoudemire which alters their depth and disposition, but NYK is 3-1 without Lin as Baron Davis has assumed a bigger role running the team which is always dangerous when he's focused on running a team and not running for a cheeseburger.

Only seems fitting that the Knicks are in town as the Pacers celebrate Reggie's election to the Hall of Fame. Check out the links after the jump with plenty of reactions to Reggie Miller making the Hall of Fame.