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2012 NBA Playoffs, Magic Vs. Pacers: Danny Granger Shakes Of Criticism By Getting Back To Work

The Indiana Pacers came up empty in the final 4:05 of their Game 1 loss to the Orlando Magic, with nothing going right for Danny Granger. Turnovers, missed shots at the rim and even a pair of missed free throws all when the Pacers just needed a bucket to stem the tide and possibly hang on for the win.

After practice today, Granger put the criticism behind him and went to work putting up shots. According to Mike Wells, that meant 800-900 extra shots after practice. That meant more than an hour shooting free throws, as Brittany Diehl captured here.

I showed my son this picture, making a point about pros putting in the work. Even though Granger is a 87% free throw shooter, he's putting up extra shots instead of just saying, "I'll just make them next time."

My son's response: "What is he going to do for the travelling?"

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