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IC Cold Links: Pacers Not Ready For Prime Time In Game 1 Against Magic

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Game 1 of the NBA playoff series between the Indiana Pacers and Orlando Magic was playing out in similar fashion to several wins the Pacers logged during the regular season. Not playing their best, but hanging around and then surging in the end to make enough plays to win the game.

But this is the playoffs and after surging to take the lead as expected, when it came to close out the W...nothing.

Paul George missed two threes that went in and out. Danny Granger rimmed out a layup, missed two free throws and then traveled on the biggest possession in the final minute. The playoffs carry a different intensity and pressure and the Pacers weren't able to play through it. Real disappointing.

So now they move back to the familiar role of the forgotten team that doesn't have enough fire power to compete. A role by the way, I think the team is more comfortable playing. They bounced back all season when doubts crept up and they had to play with a chip on their shoulder and something to prove.

But that was the regular season. Now we'll see if they can do it in the playoffs.

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