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IC Cold Links: Bird Not Talking About His Future, NBA Playoffs Are Here

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The second season in the form of the NBA playoffs for 16 teams begins on Saturday after the final regular season games played out on Thursday. The No. 3 seed Indiana Pacers will face the No.6 seed Orlando Magic on Saturday evening at 7:00 p.m. There are good tickets available at reasonable price for the playoffs so spread the word to get those seats filled. Come on, people.

Also, Mike Wells touched base with Larry Bird following the report from that Bird planned to step down after the season broke last night.

"Once again, no decision has been made," Bird said by phone Thursday evening. "I'll sit down with my owner at the end of the season and we'll talk about things."

As you can see, Bird didn't say he was staying just that they would discuss the situation after the season. So there remains a lot of smoke around the Bird is leaving story, which combined with the way things have played out this year for the team make his departure continue to appear more likely than not.

Check out the links after the jump including a vdieo preview of the series I did with Coach Nick from and Evan Dunlap from Orlando Pinstriped Post.