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Pacers Plan To Park Granger, Hibbert And Hill Against Pistons

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The Indiana Pacers are in prep mode for the playoffs after clinching the third seed in the Eastern Conference from their couch on Sunday (thanks, Atlanta). So with two games remaining, coach Frank Vogel's focus shifts from the actual games themselves to getting his guys ready for the playoffs.

According to reports from the Fieldhouse, like this Jason Spells tweet, Danny Granger, Roy Hibbert and George Hill will all take the night off tonight when the Pacers face the Detroit Pistons. Granger has played heavy minutes, well most of the season, and his knees can always use a rest. George Hill dinged his shoulder on Saturday night against Philly forcing him to wear a brace in the second half, so making sure that doesn't linger is key. And Hibbert is big.

Should make for an interesting starting lineup tonight. One game after declaring D.C. is officially sent to the bench, does he start at point guard? Might be better for Vogel to keep the second unit in tact, especially since they are trying to get comfortable with Collison in a new role. I say start A.J. Price, Dahntay Jones and Kyrylo Fesenko.

What say you?

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