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IC Cold Links: Pacers To Face Pistons, Still Waiting On First Round Opponent

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The Indiana Pacers face the Detroit Pistons on Monday night after a big exhale on Sunday afternoon when the New York Knicks beat the Atlanta Hawks to help the Pacers clinch the third seed in the Eastern Conference. So with two games remaining, nothing the Pacers do will impact their post-season situation.

Well, aside from getting the players their proper rest and tuning up for what is to come in the first round of the playoffs. Which team the Pacers will face remains up in the air. Orlando needs one more win or a New York loss to lock up the sixth seed.

After getting drubbed last night in Denver, the Magic have just what the doctor ordered on Tuesday when they face the Charlotte Bobcats. One would think the Magic will be motivated to hold onto the sixth seed and, despite current state of the team, that motivation should be enough to get past the woeful Bobcats.

Check out the links after the jump with Frank Vogel's reaction to locking in their playoff position with two games to play.