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Metta World Peace Goes Ron Artest On James Harden

It has been some time since Ronnie has done something outside the bounds of good taste on the basketball court (or off for that matter), but that changed on Sunday afternoon when Metta World Peace violently threw a classic Artest elbow to the head of Oklahoma City Thunder guard James Harden.

The 'bow dropped Harden and earned MWP an early shower and most-certainly a suspension with the Lakers staring at the playoffs starting up next weekend. I did find some entertainment in the reaction to the incident while listening to the national radio call with former Pacers coach Dr. Jack Ramsay explaining what was going on.

"World Peace just leveled Harden," coach Ramsay said without giving a thought to the humorous line he had just stated.

Then, this tweet from Chris Sheridan posing the question about how long people think Ronnie's suspension will be, along with stating, "Remember, he has priors."

Remember? I'm sorry, but we're all trying to forget. Who in the world woudln't remember that Ronnie has prior suspendable offenses? And these "priors" include essentially landing a similar type blow to a whole franchise. And that was after getting suspend for nearly a whole season. Priors. Hilarious.

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