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Vogel Ready To Play Paul George More Minutes To Prepare For PlayoffsI


Indiana Pacers coach Frank Vogel discussed his intentions to tighten up the playing rotation with an eye toward the playoffs. That means Paul George will absorb the minutes normally doled out to Dahntay Jones with the first unit which will both help PG get more run and also add a familiar face for Darren Collison to run with on the second unit.

Vogel's pre-game comments on the issue:

"I haven't made a final decision that this is going to be our playoff rotation, but we're going to look at extending Paul George's minutes with that second unit, as well. Partially because he's the budding superstar and partially because giving D.C. (Collison) another guy out there that he's used to playing with I think will help the transition. So Dahntay (Jones) will be out of the rotation unless we have foul trouble or need. That's for tonight probably and then it will be day-by-day the next couple of games to see where we are at with everything but Paul will play Dahntay's normal minutes in the second quarter and the third quarter."

George has been a good soldier all year long, heading to the bench with the first substitution unit from the bench hit the floor. There have been many times when he was just getting into a flow, only to hit the pine until the end of the second quarter. This will give Vogel an option to ride with Danny Granger or George depending on the flow of the game and then keep an offensive weapon in the mix throughout the second unit minutes.

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