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Danny Granger, David West Fined for Altercation Against Bucks; Larry Sanders Suspended

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The penalties following the altercation between the Indiana Pacers and Milwaukee Bucks late in Thursday night's game has been handed down by the league as Bucks center Larry Sanders has been suspended for two games, while Pacers forwards Danny Granger and David West were each fined $25,000 for their roles in the event.

While Sanders received the brunt of the penalties, rightfully so for his actions that led to (and followed) his ejection, the jawing of West and Granger only helped to escalate the event as the Pacers led 107-94 with under four minutes remaining in the game, making their punishments equally justified. West and Granger each received technical fouls for the dust up.

Sanders had received a technical just moments before as he angrily laughed off a foul on Roy Hibbert on the next Indiana possession. He had also received a technical towards the end of a game between the two squads the previous Saturday following an altercation with Hibbert, which could have played a part in the suspension being set at two games.