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Danny Granger Ready For Another Winnable Game Against Knicks

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Just don't expect him to say so.

Prior to a pair of games against the New York Knicks in mid-March, Danny Granger made an off-handed comment about the two games against the Knicks being "winnable" in the context of a question about the team trying to build some positive momentum. He wasn't even asked directly about the Knicks.

Context? Yeah, right.

The New York media not only ripped the comment out of context to stick in front of the Knicks players, they actually claimed it wasn't a comment but a tweet directed at the Knicks. Wha? Such a tweet would imply a premeditated shot at an upcoming opponent. Of course, when Granger denied the antagonizing tweet, the video snippet of the post-game comment was used against him.

The whole situation became comical for Granger as he dismissed the lunacy similar to the way the Knicks dismissed the Pacers in those two games.

Following Granger's big game in Houston on Sunday, Brooke Olzendam asked him about what the team will do to prepare for the Knicks coming up next on the schedule and this time Granger steered clear of anything that could be remotely considered inflammatory.

In fact, there was a little twinkle in Granger's eye and a half-smile that indicated he remembered what happened last time he spoke about the Knicks and wasn't about to go there even if it would be funny. You could almost see a little devil on his shoulder saying, "C'mon, Granger, say it's a Winnable game, say it!"

Instead he answered the question without really saying anything.

"Get some rest," Granger replied regarding preparing for the Knicks. "We can't have the let down we had last time against New York. They're going to come in, we know they're a revamped team, so we'll go back to Indiana, get some rest tomorrow and get ready for them."

Not sure how the Knicks will ever be able to get amped up to beat the Pacers after that comment.

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