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Hall Of Fame Reactions From Reggie Miller And Mel Daniels

The Basketball Hall of Fame started making up for lost time by honoring two Indiana Pacers with election to the Hall. Both Mel Daniels and Reggie Miller spoke with Jim Nantz from the stage following the announcement. Here are some highlights from their comments as you can also check out the links for the instant reaction interviews.

Reggie comments at Hall of Fame announcement

"I got the call a couple of days ago when I was in Miami doing one of our games, our TNT games. It is a humbling experience. Look at all of the men and women on this dais, the ones that are out there watching us and the ones that are at home, to be a part of this exclusive club, it's pretty special."

"It's a proud day for me. It was interesting, we had the dinner that Mr. Colangelo put together with some guys that are already in the Hall. They had a chance to speak and in listening to all these people,I'm honored because I'm the second Indiana Pacers to go in behind number one, a guy who was an idol of mine for 18 years with the Indiana Pacers, Mel Daniels so it is special for me."

"I get a chance to join Cheryl as the first brother and sister act to be in the Hall of Fame. She was a role model. She is a role model. She set the bar high for the Miller family. I'm just glad I'm still on her coattails, dragging all the way to Springfield."

Mel Daniels at Hall of Fame announcement:

"It's unimaginable. I started playing basketball 51 years ago -- I was made to play basketball 51 years ago -- and to get to this point in my life, it's unbelievable," Daniels said. "And what makes it special is Reggie Miller and I played for the same team. That makes it double special.

"For a long period of time I felt like the Bob Uecker of basketball, but Mr. Colangelo, Jerry, and the committee started recognizing the contributions that the American Basketball Association made to the NBA and it's been a good thing, a good marriage."

Check out all of the videos celebrating the two Indiana Pacers that are no longer simply legends, but now Hall of Famers. Also, check out my thoughts on the beautiful day for the Pacers after the jump.